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Welcome to NuU™ - THE Place to Learn for Your Staff

Your technicians and office staff are so influential and vital to ensuring that your patients understand and use the NuLids System.

An education tool kit is available to get them started - so you don’t have to!

A dedicated portal was created for your Office Staff to get them familiar with Dry Eye and the NuLids System. A video created especially for your team presents a systematic approach to managing a new patient—from Registration to Hands-On to Helpful Hints.

How to Use the NuLids System—From A to Z.

Using NuLids is not hard—especially with the helpful hints in this instructional video. Find out how to charge the handpiece, attach the Soft Tip, treat the eyelids and how your patients can create a routine for daily use.

Ordering Soft Tips

Learn the two methods of obtaining Soft Tips for your patients.

Getting Started

Lisa, an Office Manager, shares how her team gets a new patient started with the NuLids System.

Setting Expectations

Prior to starting hands-on with your patients, it’s helpful to explain what to expect as they learn something new.

Conducting the training

Your role in helping patients experience a NuLids treatment for the first time is critical. Hear about approaches that others have used successfully.

The 3 R's

Learn three administrative activities associated with getting a NuLids patient started...and...a way to remember them!

What to Do When

All patient interactions are not exactly the same. Hear the most common questions that arise and how to handle them.